Impact Photonics – Where there is a light, there is a way


Founder and CEO: Mejdi NCIRI

Mejdi holds a masters of engineering in optical science, after which he specialized in optical spectroscopy.
From 2012 to 2017 he was CEO of ARCHIMEJ TECHNOLOGY, a start-up who developed and patented a disruptive spectrometer for blood chemistry analysis (Beta-BioLED project). The current designs of IMPACT PHOTONICS are a significant improvement on this initial project, while being completely independent.
Thanks to this experience, Mejdi has deep knowledge of the IVD markets, and of the specifics of blood chemistry.
Mejdi is also an active member of the fablabs & maker-space network. In 2018 he graduate from MIT's FABACADEMY program.


Two associate positions are currently open (techno background).

Advisory Board

Under construction. One seat is already filled by:

Special thanks


Genopole is a bio-cluster created in 1998 and located in Evry, FRANCE. It provids IMPACT PHOTONICS with a safe space for biochemistry experiments storage and analytics, as well as mentoring.

Fablabs and maker-space

Thanks to the Digisope, InnovLab, Fablab SU, Proto 204, and Fablab ULB for hosting parts of IMPACT PHOTONICS' projects.